New Construction

  • Power — Commercial or Pleasure, up to 46'
  • Sail — Your design or ours, up to 46'
  • Skiffs built to order


Wood hull. fiberglass top. The fully evolved solution.

For thousands of years, people have gone into the woods and cut down trees, shaped the wood into boats, and gone to sea. Over time, methods and materials evolved with design. When fiberglass came along, it seemed like the next logical step in the evolution of boatbuilding. 

Time has shown the benefit of fiberglass to be in the tops of the boats -- they’re way easier to maintain. And a fiberglass top keeps fresh water out, protecting the boat's hull indefinitely. That convenience has come, however, at a great price. A fiberglass hull doesn’t absorb engine vibration; it just passes the vibration through the hull, ultimately being absorbed in the hips and knees of the operator and crew.

The fiberglass hull also has a hard motion going through the water, whereas a wood hull absorbs vibration, and gives an easier rolling motion that’s a much more comfortable working platform. The problems with wooden boats almost always begin at the top, where fresh water works its way in and rots the top out. A fiberglass top eliminates all that work and expense. It just makes sense. 


Sometimes the value of a boat is: priceless. Sometimes the condition of the priceless boat seems: hopeless. If an old, beloved boat — or a newly acquired treasure — can be brought back, Richard and his crew have the experience required to give the vessel a new life. 


We have a skillful, conscientious crew capable of work ranging widely in scope, from freshening up the finish on your wooden boat, to restoring a classic beauty to former glory. 



Rotten rails? Punky platform? Richard has a lifetime of experience repairing wooden boats, and it is a part of his job that he loves. No job is too small to be worth considering, and no job is too big to confound Richard's vision and talent for problem-solving.



Most wooden boats should have the bottom refastened after 25-30 years of use. If you're not sure when or if this has ever been done, you might want to consider giving us a call. The job generally takes two people two weeks, unless it has been put off too long. Then it can be a little more complicated but it should be addressed as soon as possible. 


Same day repairs —Haul-out/launch at little island

With a marina, two marine railways , a travel lift, and a trailer launching ramp, we are able to haul your boat out on the incoming tide, perform minor repairs, and launch on the outgoing tide. Don't get stuck at the town float or up in the woods waiting for a truck!